Roofing Experts Add Their Own Eclectic Mix of Design Elements in Your Victorian Country Style Home

While each piece of furniture you set up in your living room will likely tell a story, so will expert roofing companies when it comes to clothing the top of your abode with stylish roofing materials. You can be sure that they were more than happy to have a part in topping off the proverbial Victorian cake (your home) with a fashionable shelter covering.

Have you been house hunting for many years, only to find yourself a characterful Victorian home you cannot help but adore?

On further investigation, you realized it needed a special touch and a roof makeover. But, you were not in the least worried as you knew roofing contractors in Burr Ridge II will take care of these concerns in no time at all.

You are confident that the roofers you chose will deal with any roofing issues while you can concentrate on the interiors. Besides, you’ve always wanted to add some spark to the walling, furniture. And other areas of your home. Now is the perfect time to do so while the roofers are doing their thing.

To add to the Victorian flavor, you decided on painting your kitchen walls a mint-green as it will ensure the whole area appear more refreshing and blend in well with the light wooden countertops and beige colors of the adjacent dining area.

How about adding some inspiration to the cool blue color scheme of your living room by hanging a couple of posters from New York? Visitors to your humble home would enjoy the seating nook embedded in the dining area.

Maybe it was never your plan to renovate your home. That was until it dawned on you and your hubby that the roof requires repair work where some sections would need replacement.

Right from the start, when you and your partner decided to buy your home, you fell in love with the natural surroundings and exceptional architectural designs. Further to this, you couldn’t get over the pressed ceilings and charming outdoor areas.

Years down the line, you’ve come to realize the kitchen area is in dire need of a complete redesign. That was when you decided you will enlist the services of a project manager and take some serious action to turn your cooking area into a dream space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Time to Get Down to Work

You fondly recall when the renovation project started, which included the fitment of stylish roofing materials that added a nice touch and inspired the neighbors to do the same.

As for the rest of your home, you realized the Oregon pine flooring was rotten and in need of replacement. Part of it could be restored, but like the shingles, most of the floorboards had to be replaced. The owners decided to make use of reclaimed Oregon pine to ensure the home kept its Victorian character.

Unfortunately, there were also signs of damp. On realizing this, the project managers got a team of general contractors who also specialized in roof replacement to peel off the old plaster and apply a specialist damp-proofing system.

Once this got sorted out, some structural changes had to be made. Firstly, an older wall got knocked down to create an opening for the guest bathroom en suite. Both this area and a separate bathroom for the main room need reconfiguring. Once completed, new sanitary ware and tiles were fitted. Even some rewiring had to be done to certain parts of the home to accommodate new lighting.

Adopting a great interior design aesthetic is what’s it all about as it tells a story as to where and who you are, and about the surroundings. As for the exteriors, pot plants are sure to add some style to your courtyard area.

At the end of it all, once your roofing is all set and the rest of your abode received a welcome makeover, estate agents will queue to ask when you intend on selling your lovely place. We are sure that you will respectfully decline to accept any offers from anyone as this is your home after all.

Isn’t it time you get in touch with expert roofers and opt for a makeover of your roof covering and maybe even the interiors?