Why Pro Roofing Contractors Recommend Victorian Quarry Tiles and Letting Professional Tilers Install it

Your local roofing company had just completed the installation of your new shingles when they noticed the tiling for your flooring is in bad condition too. That is when they suggested, you consider opting for Victorian Quarry tiles.

You may have struggled for a while as to whether you should change the fractured tiles in a posh kitchen, garden pathway or balcony as they are all in need of replacement, but there is only so much you can do? There are two reasons why this happens. People would frequently pass through these areas and place a lot of weight on your tiled floor areas. Heavy appliances resting on them also contributes to your tiles cracking or breaking. For this reason, local tilers, recommended by your trusted roofer is just what you need to replace damaged tiles and find a suitable color to match the remainder of your decor.

The solution to the problem would be to install Victorian quarry tiles as they are incredibly long-lasting  and able to withstand a lot of strain placed on them. This would be the case whether you want commercial venues or homes tiled with these quarry tiles. Also, the tiles prove to be very pleasing due to the beautiful finishes and tints.

Victorian quarry tiles are well suited to either indoor or outdoor applications. One would use it when tiling patios, walkways, hallways, balconies, porches, bathrooms, kitchens, greenhouse conservatories, garages, breezeways, and any other living space that requires tiles that are very strong and durable. Besides, their tiles evoke feelings of living during olden day Victorian times, yet it has a lot of visual appeals similar to that of linoleum or carpet, but only tougher as it is made to last.

Traditional quarry tiles are generally unglazed as it is created through extrusion from either shale or clay. These tiles can be recognized by its gray or reddish hue, and are capable of sopping up moisture and resisting aggressive chemicals as unglazed quarry tiles. They make a perfect fit for commercial kitchens and even laboratories.

You will often spot these in public buildings such as hotel foyers and patios, supermarkets and various shopping malls. Industrial grade quarry tiles with inbuilt freezing resistance are used at locations where natural thawing and freezing occurs. Overall, it is highly recommended that Victorian quarry type tiles get installed by experienced tilers Melbourne who would be adequately trained and have the necessary knowledge when it comes to installing this kind of tiles.

If you want to tile walls, then a thin mastic might be a suitable alternative. Cement grouting would make this kind of installation more durable as it holds all join together. It needs to be noted though that quarry countertop where cement grouting gets used, would be harder to clean up.

What you need is a tiling company who is punctual, conscientious and render superior customer services at all times.

Besides, any tiling project requires a certain amount of professionalism and attention to detail. This is the very reason why you require the services of a company who strives to keep any interruptions to tiling work done to a minimum. They also need to ensure there is no mess at the end of the day once they finished the tiling project.

You local roofing specialist join hands with the best, which is why they would only recommend tilers who specialize in all aspects of floor and wall tiling. They would undertake any type of tiling work using materials such as natural stone, porcelain, and ceramics.

Here are some of the tiling services they would provide:

  • Sourcing the right tiles for your tiling project
  • Measuring work to ensure you have the correct number of tiles
  • A free estimation of costs
  • Old tile removal
  • Ensuring you have a sound waterproof base
  • Rubbish removal
  • Work area cleaned

You can be sure that they do not rest until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

You may or may not have certain tiles in mind for your tiling project. If you are not sure which tile would best suit your decor, they would gladly assist you in choosing the right one as they happen to have a vast selection of tiles to ensure you get what you look for.

Who have you got to thank for this timely advice? Your local roofing experts, of course.